ED. 201 | NOVEMBER 2012


Knowledge freely-distributed

A UK initiative will show how much of the world’s scientific knowledge can be made available on the Internet

High level partnerships

Pilot program draws scientists from abroad to form new research groups in São Paulo


The health of the bay

Project maps sources of pollutants and marine currents in Todos os Santos Bay

Nest of a “flamingrebe”

18-million-year-old fossilized bird eggs and bones support relationship between flamingos and grebes

Striking a Blow Against Cancer

Trapping the calcium in a compartment in the cell’s nucleus makes the tumor more vulnerable to radiation therapy

Antitumor protein

A molecule found in the salivary gland of the star tick fights cancer cells and preserves healthy ones

Memory’s gatekeeper

Special neuron controls the arrival of information from the environment to the brain’s memory formation center

Molecular cleansing

Study reveals the atomic structure of proteins that eliminate excess hemoglobin from the blood

Tension Under Control

A technique that stabilizes pressure at the interface between oil and water could facilitate oil extraction

The effects of simultaneity

Eliminating synchronism in networks could improve crowd control and control brain disorders


Multinational partnerships

Auto parts companies established in Brazil generate solutions together with the head office and R&D centers in other countries

Flights of the Future

Embraer is investing in partnerships to develop biofuels and cabin innovations

Medicine in nanoscale

Biolab uses nanotechnology to produce anesthetic and a baldness remedy


The undesirables

Immigration policy under the Estado Novo dictatorship concealed a project to “whiten” Brazil

The Sentimental Memoirs of the Angel of Death

Josef Mengele’s autobiography reveals a lack of empathy for the victims and guilt for the crimes