ED. 207 | MAY 2013


The past emerges

Digitization of archives on political repression in São Paulo will enhance research and investigations into human rights violations

The limits of the h-index

Overvaluation of the indicator measuring a combination of scientific production quantity and quality generates controversy

That initial excitement

Research internship programs reveal universities' interest in closer relationships with secondary schools


Why the earth shakes in Brazil

Seismologists propose a new explanation for earthquakes in Brazil

The sage of biodiversity

Zoologist Paulo Vanzolini was one of the brains behind the creation of the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP), as well as the author of a theory on the origin of species in South America and an icon of São Paulo samba

The rediscovery of a forest

Construction of ring road results in scientific expeditions to the Cantareira mountain region in the São Paulo metropolitan area

The threat comes from above

Occupation and haphazard use of soil next to hydroelectric power plants are hampering the migration of species in the Pantanal

The triple helix effect

Triple-stranded DNA may regulate the expression of certain genes

New strategy to combat hypertension

A Minas Gerais team has identified a molecule in the blood that dilates blood vessels and lowers blood pressure


Identification at a distance

"Intelligent" tags using radio signals to count and track objects are conquering new markets

The challenge of the Sun

A new generation of flexible cells tries to overcome limitations and increase the use of photovoltaic energy worldwide

Evaluation of Brazilian hair straightening — the progressive blow-dry

Carbocisteine used in place of formaldehyde is analyzed with techniques developed by KosmoScience


The sensationalist press and science

Assis Chateaubriand’s evening newspaper highlighted technology as part of an agenda to overcome Brazilian “backwardness”

Seeing sounds and hearing movements

Researchers from the Móbile project go on tour to show the results of blending art with technology