ED. 209 | JULY 2013


Diverse networks

A program mobilizes hundreds of institutions to expand the knowledge of Brazilian biodiversity

Sirius' partners

The Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory involves innovative companies in the construction of its new light source


Big gains with small weight loss

In adolescents, the hormone that controls appetite returns to normal with just an 8% reduction in body weight

Transplanting forests

Orchids, seeds and seedlings in an area about to be lost to deforestation could enrich an area 40 times larger

The many faces of the sertão

Lack of water and a semi-arid climate have elicited sophisticated adaptive responses among species in the Caatinga

Records from the Cretaceous

Algae helped preserve dinosaur footprints in Paraíba

The bizarre side of water

Theoretical model reproduces the anomalies of H2O molecules, including their superflow and unusual diffusion in nanotubes

A shortcut to quantum computing

International groups test strategy to perform an operation in a glass chip that conventional computers cannot


Green Flight

Study encourages the production of biokerosene for civil aviation

Focus on Business

The IBM Research Laboratory in Brazil looks at innovations in oil and gas, the environment, logistics, and the supply chain

Knowledge on the market

Companies seek out universities in a bid to create more competitive products

Digital access

Ribeirão Preto Hospital uses a national system to archive and manage medical images


The justice of impunity

Inefficiency of the police and the courts destroys faith in democratic institutions

The Empire at the Bottom of the Sea

Documents from the Royal Society reveal the debate between State and Science, sparked by a shipwreck in Brazil

The victory of a vocation

Former communist leader Jacob Gorender contributed to the scholarship on the history of Brazil’s colonial period and its more recent armed struggle