ED. 220 | JUNE 2014


Alternative methods

The research effort to replace the use of animals in testing is beginning to pay off


Storms in a vacuum

Energy in empty space could destroy stars and even reveal the nature of dark matter

How to detect an elusive particle

Brazilian team proposes a new strategy for verifying the existence of a type of fermion that has been predicted theoretically

Dimensions of our sense of smell

Structures within the nucleus explain the genetic functioning of the neurons specialized in detecting odors

Bridge between hemispheres

Alternative pathways connect distant areas on opposite sides of the brain

Microbial alliances

Microbial diversity helps to solve environmental problems and aids in the search for new drugs

The enemy next door

A common tropical fungus that is lethal to amphibians may be native to the Atlantic Forest

Seriguela and Brazilian chestnut in agriculture

Genes of plants from the semi-arid and Cerrado regions may contribute to crop improvement


Dengue in the crosshairs

A biosensor able to diagnose dengue in 20 minutes is one of several new weapons to combat the disease

Young Innovators

For the first time, an MIT journal goes to Brazil for a version of its list of 10 distinguished entrepreneurs under the age of 35

Conquering the World

CI&T counts on internationalization to enable it to grow and become a world leader in software development

Large-scale fingerprint recognition systems

The Superior Electoral Tribunal's biometric authentication server will use Brazilian software developed by Griaule

Pellets for export

Company innovates in iron ore sinter feed production


The future of journalism

A study shows that a media business model adapted to digital reality is urgently needed

Where data are scarce

Method identifies areas at risk for schistosomiasis, even in regions with no information on the disease