ED. 224 | OCTOBER 2014


Laws of Attraction

Study shows which factors influence partnerships between universities and companies in Brazil

Innovative calculations

Scientific paper describes methodology used to evaluate Biota-FAPESP Program

Capacity-building under construction

Intergovernmental panel seeks strategy to train those who generate knowledge and formulate policies on biodiversity


How to explain such a divided heart

The heart’s chambers may be the result of the action of retinoic acid, the same acid used in some cosmetics

Forests in transformation

Lianas are remodeling the Amazon Region, and bamboos are remodeling the Atlantic Forest

Echos of separation

Great blocks of rock of different ages and origins combined to form the margins of the South Atlantic

Monumental efficiency

Giant black holes consume less energy than thought, but drive the largest gas and radiation jets in the Universe

The tropical disease scientist

Luiz Hildebrando Pereira da Silva was one of the most respected parasitology experts in the world


Clean Air

Study reveals a drop in the concentration of one of the major air pollutants in the São Paulo Metropolitan Region released by the exhaust of alcohol-fueled cars

An electron bridge

The use of graphene doubles electricity production in biofuel cells

Malleable and bounces back

Foam made from graphene oxide and boron nitride is lightweight, tough, and returns to its original shape after compression

Partnership with bees

Propolis gel is being tested for treating the harmful effects of radiation therapy in cases of head and neck cancer


A bit of fresh air

Climate maps can help urban reorganization

Synthesis of the Baroque

The acclaimed The Cantatas of J. S. Bach, the book that examines part of the German composer’s work, now has a Portuguese language translation