ED. 225 | NOVEMBER 2014


Sophisticated support

Offices established to free researchers from bureaucratic red tape offer new services

The challenge of scaling up

Conference shows that biofuel expansion needs the support of public policies to sustain it at a global level

From Blue LED to the Brain’s GPS

Announcement of the 2014 Nobel Prizes highlights advances in microscopy, neuroscience and optics


Running is good!

Aerobic exercise fights inflammation and stiffening of the lungs in respiratory diseases such as asthma and pneumonia

Freedom for oligomers

New model for Alzheimer’s reproduces in monkeys the alterations the disease causes in the human brain

The whereabouts of the small black tapir

A new and as-yet controversial species is more widely distributed in the Amazon than previously thought

Risky crab feast

Crustaceans along the São Paulo coast are accumulating heavy metals and exhibiting organic changes

Perturbed atmosphere

Meteorologists want to know why the wind is so strong on Venus and Titan


Global project

Embraer develops a new military aircraft in joint effort with Brazilian Air Force, foreign partners, and Brazilian companies

Ships under control

Integration of stages reduces costs and environmental impacts of unloading coal at the port of Tubarão

Avalanche of data

Advances in eScience are changing the traditional way of conducting science


Renewal Brazilian Style

In recent decades, rural leaders have lost clout, pastors have gained ground, and the lower classes have won more seats in the Chamber of Deputies

Architecture for all

A study of 100 years of social housing in Brazil uncovers high-quality projects during the Vargas era