ED. 227 | JANUARY 2015


Cultivating Affinities

Closer ties among the BRICS countries yield scientific results, study shows

In quest of greater impact

SciELO online library releases guidelines to internationalize its collection of journals

From archeology to robotics

Program that seeks to generate new knowledge from massive volumes of data selects its first projects

Bridging the gap with science

Network aims to support studies that help improve teaching and learning practices


New pieces of the puzzle

Teeth from a deer found alongside human bones inside a cave in the state of Piauí suggest that humans were present in the region over 20,000 years ago

Rivers with a mind of their own

Frequent changes in course leave scars on the Pantanal landscape

Molecular kitchen

Team in Campinas develops recipe for nanoparticles of silver and magnetite

Reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies

Little used, long-term contraceptives can reduce the risk of abortion and maternal mortality

More dangerous than the sun

Visible light, in addition to ultraviolet radiation, may also cause skin cancer

Wide horizons

Leopoldo de Meis’s contributions range from the field of cellular biochemistry to science education


Measurements from space

Satellite monitoring aids open pit mine operations, making mining safer

Synthetic graft

New techniques and biomaterials facilitate the production of parts to replace human bones

Cataloged emotions

System for smartphones assesses behaviors and suggests what users should do


Tourism as strategy

Researcher studies the change in Brazil’s image abroad and its repercussions on sports mega-events

More than just loot

European kingdoms supported attacks by privateers off the coast of Brazil as a way to challenge Spain and Portugal’s division of the New World

You win some, you lose some

Study shows how performance on the field influences the tone of Portuguese newspapers covering the trajectory of Brazilian coaches on the Portuguese National Soccer Team