ED. 229 | MARCH 2015


Who Performs Better?

Study shows that grant recipients whose proposals are selected through a peer review process publish more articles in higher impact journals

Science on the small screen

TV Cultura and FAPESP have launched the program SP Pesquisa, offering a series of reports highlighting science produced in São Paulo

Millions of plants online

Virtual herbaria—compilations of information on plant collections maintained in other countries—facilitate analysis of Brazilian biodiversity


Danger nearby

Brazilian research on nearby asteroids could help estimate the risk of collisions with Earth

Sun in the Laboratory

Researchers develop model of luminous atmospheric phenomenon using soap bubbles and a laser pointer

Electronic view

Mathematical tools aid automatic identification of craters and whirlwinds on Mercury and Mars

Passion for physics and photography

Alejandro Szanto Toledo helped train a generation of nuclear physicists in Brazil

Underground strategies

Root specializations enable plants to live in impoverished environments like Brazil’s rupestrian grasslands

Living in freedom

Agoutis raised in captivity are adapting to forest life and breeding

Attack in the Dark of Night

Melanin fragments formed hours after sun exposure may damage DNA and cause skin cancer


The contribution of the field

Irrigation with treated sewage water decreases the use of water resources and requires less fertilizer

Approach simulator

Equipment for virtual training of guards, developed by a small company, is sold to Brink's

A Range of innovations

Opto, of São Carlos, develops and manufactures lasers for medical use, as well as optical devices for satellite cameras and defense

Two in one

Device uses ultrasound and laser simultaneously to rehabilitate arthritis patients


Ideas in transition

Researchers study manuscripts from the intermediate phase between Wittgenstein’s two most famous works

Overseas intrigue

This project highlights the importance of the prophetic idea of “hope” in the relations between Portugal, the Netherlands and England in the 17th century

Conceptual understanding

Digital tool reveals the structure of texts and improves learning