ED. 230 | APRIL 2015


The power of stereotypes

Studies offer new hypotheses to explain the differences between the science careers of men and women

Support for science

Datafolha concludes that people in São Paulo admire scientists and think investment in research is worthwhile, even if it does not produce immediate benefits

From humans to plants

Unicamp uses open innovation model to create research center to study enzymes found in human and plant cells

Complementary Expertise

Specialists in mosquito olfaction and immunity launch a cooperative tropical disease network between Brazil and the United Kingdom

The first to know

A group releases the findings of AIDS research early to collaborate in prevention efforts


A connection between sleep and hunger

The hormone that tells the body when it’s time to sleep also regulates food intake and fat accumulation

Unprotected against Alzheimer’s

Inflammation associated with the neurodegenerative disease inhibits production of melatonin, a hormone that prevents cell death

What our memories retain

New connections form between brain cells during REM sleep – the dream stage

Theory under construction

Model explains how natural selection creates groups of traits that vary in unison

In times of stress

Under extreme conditions, a plant used in tequila production feeds on bacteria that live within it

The view from the periphery

Surveys identify dwarf galaxies and stellar nurseries in far reaches of the Milky Way

Heading northwest

GPS measurements indicate that part of the Earth’s crust in the Brazilian Northeast is moving a few millimeters northwest each year


Collaboration from the heavens

Originating in Brazil, the Google Earth Engine platform is used to create maps on various themes using satellite images

Emerging contamination

Caffeine found in treated water indicates the presence of other harmful substances

Recording writing

New method facilitates the transformation of historical handwritten documents into digital files


Monções (almost) rewritten

New edition of the first book by Sérgio Buarque de Holanda, officially a historian, makes clear his preference for rewriting his works

Days of fury

New study by José de Souza Martins reveals that more than a million Brazilians have taken part in or attempted an act of lynching

Brazil on the road

Study reveals similarities and differences between the American road movie and Brazil’s homegrown version