ED. 233 | JULY 2015


Transparent support

In 10 years, the FAPESP Virtual Library has gone from a database to an information system with analytical tools

Valuable records

Data compiled from the Lattes Platform provide fuel for studies on science in Brazil and reveal trends

Science in motion

Census shows growth in the number of research groups in Brazil and a reduction in their regional concentration


The new faces of cancer

The frequency of cases of head and neck tumors caused by HPV, transmitted by sexual contact, has increased in young people and non-smokers

Why so many curves?

Folds and thickness of the brain’s surface layer are not related to the number of neurons

An orderly swarm

DNA sequencing of bees helps to decipher how these insects develop

United they are strong

Physicists and biologists investigate how Xylella fastidiosa bacteria assemble into biofilms

The third bank of the river

Organic matter transported by the Amazon travels nearly 600 kilometers into the Atlantic, reaching the Caribbean

A Caribbean cousin

Fossil of 12 million-year-old sea turtle found in Venezuela is a distant relative of South American freshwater turtles

Quantum acceleration

Clouds of cold atoms can be used to measure subtle variations in the force of gravity


High-speed business

USP hosts start-up accelerator program

Made-to-measure prostheses

Biofabris Institute produces titanium alloy implants for patients who lost skull or face bones because of accidents or disease

Unexpected filaments

Experiment results in the appearance of a microtube covered in nanowires that could have applications in nanoelectronics and microelectronics


Behind the façades

USP inventory calls attention to the loss of historic structures in the state’s first coffee-growing region

A 600-million-year old São Paulo

Itinerary includes monuments and buildings in the historic center of São Paulo adorned with stone from a distant past

Persistent Inequalities

Although access to income and civil rights has increased in the past five decades, some disparities, like race, are resistant to change

The City and the Countryside

Studies highlight the importance of rural areas in the ancient Greek cities of the Mediterranean