ED. 235 | SEPTEMBER 2015


A formula that worked

Academic flexibility and internationalization are part of IMPA's formula for success

Cultivating connections

FAPESP Week symposia inspire São Paulo researchers to establish top-notch international partnerships

To tackle bottlenecks

São Paulo Bioenergy Research Center hires new researchers to expand bioenergy knowledge base

Democracy in fashion

Brazilian platform that provides patterns for tailor-made clothing wins Microsoft’s ImagineCup competition


The physics of alliances

Fermilab director hopes Brazilian researchers will participate in huge experiment on neutrinos

H2O in nanotubes

Confined in this tiny structure at -69ºC, water has two different densities simultaneously

History of the landscape in river sand

Analysis of grains of quartz on fluvial plains reveals recent topographic changes

The mathematical structure of DNA

Brazilian researchers use equations to show similarities between the genetic code and digital systems operation

Dogs working in the forest

Dogs help identify deer habitat areas by tracking the scent of droppings for DNA extraction

Rescuing a species

Genetics, physiology and ecology reveal ways to conserve the faveiro-de-wilson, a rare tree that has become a symbol of Minas Gerais endurance


Recycled water

Treating wastewater is an alternative in the fight against water shortages

It’s time for biotechnology in biomass

GranBio invests in R&D to meet the challenges of second generation ethanol

Made in Brazil

Universities and company in upstate São Paulo develop mechanical quadrupod for telescopes that will be installed in the world's largest gamma-ray observatory

The driverless future

Computer systems, sensors, lasers and radar guarantee the autonomy of cars and trucks


Relative peace

Relationship between scientists and journalists has improved, but could get even better

A difficult relationship

Study shows rising ignorance about the democratic system