ED. 242 | APRIL 2016


Biodiversity in rural São Paulo

Institute of Biosciences at Rio Claro is a leader in research at Unesp

A Northern pole

The Theoretical Physics Institute in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte State, has new headquarters and will sponsor long-term events involving scientists from several countries

Changing expectations

Biodiversity Law creates new rules for researchers and companies, but also leads to regulatory delays

A shortcut to finding papers

Tool assists users in finding open-access articles or free copies of papers published in commercial journals


Impacts visible at sea

Pollutants have traveled 200 kilometers (km) north and south of the mouth of the Doce River, affecting conservation sites, changing the ecological equilibrium, and accumulating on the ocean floor

The Zika connections

Teams of researchers in Brazil and abroad have found evidence that the Zika virus causes microcephaly

At the root of animal infanticide

Newborn odor activates cells in a nasal organ of adult mice associated with instinctive behavior

In the water with the spinosaurs

Study strengthens the hypothesis that the largest carnivorous dinosaur also lived in semiaquatic environments

Planets with tails

Gas giants located close to their stars can launch molecules essential to life into space

Quarks and their exotic combinations

Recently discovered particles reveal possible new arrangements for the principal components of matter


Enhancing autonomy

Electronic canes, exoskeletons and Braille typewriters aim to improve the lives of people with disabilities

Subaquatic sounds

Hydrophones reveal a world of sound from the bottom of the sea

Green packaging

Fruits and vegetables are raw material for edible plastics that protect food

Early cancer diagnosis

New biosensors should be able to detect pancreatic and ovarian tumors more quickly


The quilombo economy

Today’s black rural communities continue to sell their farm surplus to neighboring markets

Confronting the silence surrounding death

Health care professionals should talk about death among themselves and with patients’ families, specialists suggest

São Paulo as a Laboratory

The preventive approach held sway in medical practice in the state of São Paulo in the second half of the 20th century