ED. 243 | MAY 2016


From Trieste to São Paulo

International center at Unesp institute advances research and sponsors courses and events on theoretical physics

Youtubers in science

Video channels gain prominence in communicating information on research via the Internet

A bridge between research and politics

Chief scientific advisor to the British government says his job is to translate scientific knowledge for decision-makers


The silent attack of the fungi

Species of Candida and Aspergillus cause drug-resistant infections and are more deadly than malaria and tuberculosis

Movement for the brain

Exercise in pregnancy and childhood has long-lasting effects on intellectual performance

Monkeys with Zika

In Ceará, researchers identify the virus in animals accustomed to the presence of humans

The human era

Plastic material accumulated on ocean floors may define the Anthropocene, a new period in the Earth’s history

The lightning capital

Lake Maracaibo, in Venezuela, is the world’s top lightning hotspot

Dead waters

Six months after the discharge of mud containing mine waste, the Doce River is still lifeless and no decision has been made on restoration actions

Heart of stone

New fossil record reveals an unforeseen pathway in the evolution of the cardiac muscle


In the deep layers of the skin

Boticário, Natura, Theraskin and Yamá join together with IPT and develop nanocapsules for use in cosmetics

Intense renewal

3M is investing in R&D and creating its own metrics to drive innovation

New remedies for old diseases

Researchers are developing molecules capable of generating more efficient drugs and are combining previously tested drugs to combat Chagas disease and leishmaniasis

Vaccine against schistosomiasis

An immunizing agent developed by Fiocruz is ready for Phase 2 clinical trials

Bioinsecticide made of microorganisms

Worms and bacteria acting together are raw material for a product for commercial use in agriculture


Deficit of deliberation

Internal rules and practices can negatively affect the quality and quantity of debate by Supreme Court Justices

Religion and politics in education

European Catholic congregations met the need for schools in Brazil from the late 19th century until the second half of the 20th century

Knowledge through images

Project analyzes the use of photos and film as a research strategy or product