ED. 244 | JUNE 2016


Criteria for getting into the club

Dissertation investigates the methodology behind academic rankings and explains the performance of Brazilian universities

The chemistry of innovation

Araraquara institute excels among Unesp units in applied science and business partnerships

Interdisciplinary scientist

A pioneer in materials research in Brazil, José Arana Varela dies at 72

Communicator talent show

Science communication competition held in 32 countries arrives in Brazil

Reclaiming the past

Mormon initiative recovers old records from public records offices in São Paulo cities


Diabetes surgery

New guidelines recommend gastric bypass surgery to fight metabolic diseases


After demonstrating that the Brazilian Zika virus causes microcephaly, researchers are beginning to investigate other factors that may contribute to neurological damage

Climate for seduction

Temperature and moisture in the environment influence animals’ reproductive strategies

Magnetic memories of the Jesuit missions

In ruins located in southern Brazil, geophysicists have recovered information about the Earth’s magnetic field from 350 years ago

The hole in Eta Carinae

A smaller star digs a hole in a larger one, allowing us to see below the surface


Underwater vehicles

Prototypes for underwater robots are being tested in oil exploration and oceanographic research

Less-polluting cars

The R&D Center of the PSA Group in Brazil works to improve ethanol engines and develop parts made with recyclable materials

Listening to the market

Startups supported by FAPESP receive training on how to prepare business plans


Love according to Mário de Andrade

Analysis of musicality in the poet’s verses also sheds light on the evolution of his concept of emotions and the artist’s task

Division of power on the periphery

Conflicts among the criminal world, organized religion and the State define social relationships on the margins of major cities

The life of a dockworker

Occupational conditions affect the health of port workers in Santos and Lisbon