ED. 250 | DECEMBER 2016


Entrepreneurial students

An index developed by undergraduate students identifies 42 universities in Brazil where the environment fosters innovation

Duel of the mega-journals

Dispute between PLOS ONE and Scientific Reports points to changes in the scientific publications market

Impact beyond academia

Alternative indicators evaluate how science influences readers of social media


The price of abstinence

Voucher offers help individuals dependent on crack abstain from consuming the drug

Energy for the heart

An increase in blood sugar can help in recovery after a heart attack

When our defenses destroy our brain

Team from Minas Gerais analyzes the mechanisms that trigger the intense inflammation associated with malaria

Precious eruptions

Mineral wealth of Amazonia could have originated from volcanoes that existed billions of years ago

The underground element

Simulations suggest that a considerable percentage of the world’s carbon is hidden deep within the Earth

Gabriela González: When space curves

Spokesperson for the LIGO scientific team, the Argentine physicist describes the process of detecting gravitational waves


Solutions for wheelchair users

New wheelchair designs promise to make life easier for those who depend on these vehicles

Over the horizon

IACIT builds radar capable of monitoring ocean regions and detecting vessels at sea beyond the field-of-view limit

Protection for newborns

Researchers develop a plastic helmet capable of cooling the heads of babies whose brains lack oxygenation


Battle against the disappearances

Researchers from several fields of expertise work as a group to identify persons who disappeared during the dictatorship by examining human remains from the clandestine grave in the Perus district

The staying power of Hannah Arendt

On the 110th anniversary of her birth, the foundations laid by the noted thinker are still fertile

The fluctuations of Dostoyevsky

According to study, the prestige enjoyed by Russian writers during the first Vargas era oscillated in accordance with the political pendulum