ED. 58 | OCTOBER 2000


The legacy of Johanna Döbereiner

A decisive contribution to Brazilian farming

More memory, less waste

Program to finance archive collections and management of waste

São Paulo now has its history in its hands

Portuguese colonial documentation referring to the Captaincy of São Paulo is handed over to the universities

A renewed look at the history of Brazil

Researchers present their findings in USP’s History Amphitheater


Viruses passed on to children

Infection of the newborn is still high

Another victim of the Xylella

Evidence is building up of the bacterium infestation in coffee trees

The support of genetics for the history of the Brazilian people

The study of DNA Shows the scope of miscegenation and brings together specialists from different fields

Reagents prominent around the world

Group synthesizes selenium and tellurium compounds for medications and agrochemicals

The hidden fish of the upper Paraná

A broad survey of biodiversity discovers new species of fish in the streams and headwaters of the upper Paraná basin


The benefits of a partnership

Projects undertaken jointly by the academic and business worlds give good results

Light inside the living cell

Laser tweezers and scalpel manipulate various biological particles

High quality cement with rice husk

Unprecedented process extracts silica from agricultural waste for use in concrete


The best house at the lowest cost and least space

Study shows how modern Brazilian architecture is associated with development

Mob injustice

Database shows the tragic pattern of lynching in Brazil