ED. 60 | DECEMBER 2000


With an eye on the market

A symposium debates intellectual property in order to stimulate patents

A new network for the viruses

Project will study the genetics of four organisms with high incidences in São Paulo

In search of new designer drugs

Structural Genome will have US$ 3.5 million to study genes and proteins

In contact with the doctors

New project faces new forms of therapy and diagnosis of cancer


The discoveries are multiplying

Recently concluded, the mapping of Xanthomonas citri will begin comparative genomics within the country, the quickest way to study genes

Homocysteine, a heart alert

A high level of homocystiene raises the risk of an unstable angina

An advance against malaria

Attack of the erythrocyte protozoan parasite is related to the level of melatonin

A complete radiography pertaining to the city of São Paulo

The environmental chaos and the greenery which has been left over in the metropolis, are exposed in the São Paulo Atlas, which is about to be published

Molecular architects

Research which intervenes in the structure of the lowermost blocks of a material produces compounds such as a sensor for the conserving of wines


Conductor polymers under control

Brazilians dominate the new area of materials technology which gained the Nobel chemistry prize in 2000

Young, good-looking and with the weight of a bull

The Superprecocious Yearling is ready for slaughter at one year of age and with 450 kg of weight, which guarantees soft meat and profits to the cattlemen

Pozzolanas: the map of the mine

A survey locates precious rocks for the cement industry

X-rays controlled at a distance

The system of the control of quality on line, reduces the costs and the exposureof patients to radiation


Flags of different colors, but nevertheless with the same ideal

A study compares the left-wing movements in Brazil and Italy during the post-war period

The metaphors of Woody Woodpecker

Research analyzes the effects of the ideology of animated designs on children

Newton, the wizard of reason

A biography reveals a passion of the scientist for the occult