ED. 63 | APRIL 2001


Explosive demand

FAPESP alters its criteria for the concession of master and doctorate scholarships

Alternative use of programs

Software of public domain and of free access can already be used

High speed connection

Program is going to stimulate research linked to the network of the future

Digital bridge

The World Bank gathers leaders of Brazil, of China and India to debate the use of knowledge

A Federal agenda

The Ministry of Science and Technology comes to FAPESP to present the new government directives for this sector


BIG: a great conference

Stories of personalities and important projects mark this international event

An alternative pregnancy

Cloning accelerates the research for the conservation of genetic resources

Coming soon: the vaccine four-in-one

A cocktail immunizes animals against tuberculosis, diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough

Protection for neurons

Research at UFRJ indicates therapeutic strategies for Alzheimer's disease

The paths towards saving the Cerrado - the wooded savanna of the State of São Paulo

A survey up-dates the inventory, indicating the state of conservation of the excerpts that remain and registers a loss of 34% in less than a decade

The new sun flashes

A telescope captures signals that seem to precede large explosions


To transform is a must

Products recovered from garbage generate technology, jobs and social benefits

Back to the production of bottles

Car tires as a source of industrial energy

A solution for batteries

Seeds of autonomy

Group from Ribeirão Preto creates alternatives for the Brazilian production of enzymes

Electronic eye

PIPE company develops pioneer system that monitors vehicles at a distance

Chicken weighed by image

Calculating the carcass weight by filming improves industrial poultry production

The increased production of vaccines

Butantan develops technology to increase production and lower costs

Color in fungi

Sensitive film warns consumers about food deterioration

Alternative vinasse

Production waste from ethanol may be used to produce biodiesel


Interactive library: a new form of knowledge

Project puts into practice a new concept for this institution in order to achieve greater dynamism

A quiet corner and a laptop

Researchers analyze how computer technology affects creation

An image made of ink and blood

Research tells the story of Brazilian society over the last 30 years through photos from the papers

Excellence in the humanities

Brazilian courses distinguish themselves on the international scene