ED. 64 | MAY 2001


CNPq: 50 years of science

One step forward

Unesp creates the first storage and distribution bank for the genes of sugar cane bacteria

Recognized work

The newspaper The New York Times praises the quality of the work being carried out in Brazil

Investigation network

Selected laboratories will receive US$ 8 million to sequence four viruses

Growing Research

The Federal government creates regional networks to map bacteria and fungi

The new old Recife

Pernambuco begins to invest R$ 33 million in the construction of its Digital Port


Partnership against cancer

Project links Heart Institute to industry to produce a "Trojan horse" to combat the illness

The arnica extract

A study proves the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of the Brazilian species and indicates how to develop safe phytotherapies

Mosquitoes: the danger advances

Specialists predict that urban yellow fever and malaria will once more attack the South East

Superconductor at room temperature

A pyrolytic graphite appears to behave as a superconductor in temperatures as hot as 27°C


Change of status

Brazil starts to produce manganese of high purity for the electronic industry

Place your bets

With a gathering of companies based on technology and investors of venturecapital, the 3rd Venture Forum opened up new paths for the development of innovating products

Good ideas on display

The novelties and the companies' intentions

Healthy camu-camu

Fruit juice with high vitamin C content is obtained in powder form and micro-encapsulated


The independent who made it

Thesis shows Tarantino as a singular filmmaker who is based on plurality

My world, here and now

Project integrates university and basic schooling to produce municipal atlases

Touching Art

Action by MAC allows visually impaired to access collection and get explanations