ED. 65 | JUNE 2001


Revealing profile

Data on investment by FAPESP reveal the bond between the generation of knowledge and its application

Betting on research for results

Nuplitec supports registration and licensing for 13 new products on the market

For an agenda and more funds for Science and Technology

Governments fail to comply with the law and do not pass on the funds in arrears to the FAPs

Mapping proteins

Network of 16 laboratories to analyze structure and function of 200 molecules

And here come the doctors...

FAPESP publishes list of groups affiliated to the Clinical Genome Program


A double dose of progress

Sequencing of the grape Xylella helps to understand yellowing disease

Queens living in harmony

The colonies of a Brazilian species of bee, the guaraipo, are led by up tofive queens and form an environment with more flexible rules

On the tracks of a new species

Method of chromossomal differentiation makes it possible to identify, in the Atlantic Rain Forest of the south of São Paulo, a kind of Brazilian deer as yet unknown - but already threatened with extinction

The hibernation protein

Plants and animals have similar mechanisms for resisting the cold

Unwanted company

A study of children, adults and the elderly reveals a high rate of chronic pain

The control of chaos

The project even created a forecast model for the stock market

Lightning hunters

An Inpe team gets out into the open during thunder storms to film the lightning flashes in the southeast and to map their occurrences

We are the champions

The number of lightning flashes that are concentrated in the metropolitan area has tripled


Large size growth hormone

PIPE company develops medication using recombinant DNA techniques and reaches agreement to manufacture the product more cheaply and replace the imported product for dwarfism (nanism)

Health in microcapsules

When added to milk, iron is better absorbed wrapped in cellulose


A little understood role

Unicamp project looks into the weak participation by Congress in the future of the Armed Forces

The sweet magic made of wood and metal

Thesis describes the evolution of the piano and its interpreters since the 19th century

The roots of the end of the world culture

Unicamp Study finds an unexpected parallel between the preaching of the "divines" and the "counselors", present until not long ago in the Brazilian backcountry (sertão), and the missionaries that preached in the São Francisco region