ED. 66 | JULY 2001


Knowledge (still) confined

The UNO's Technology Achievement Index (TAI) assesses the processes of creation, use, and diffusion of technology in 72 countries, and suggests measures to stimulate investments in search of solutions for problems in developing regions

Contracts X Conflicts

Nature comments report of the Forum that gathers companies and universities together

Challenge to competence

Brazil to debate strategic plan for science, technology and innovation

Focus on the energy matrix

Altenfelder Silva takes over the SCTDE, with plans to invest in research

Education and democracy

Capes reaches its 50th anniversary, betting on the education of human resources

Profitable research

Anpei puts together company representatives to debate technologicalinnovation, and to analyze ways of encouraging investments in researchand development

Space for Diversity

In Salvador, the SBPC meeting brings together cultural expressions and scientific reports, in an exercise of reflection on the country


Dissecting the forces of aneurism

The study of the aorta tensions moves on using the device of an Indian engineer

A Plant against tuberculosis

In the laboratory, an extract of Physalis angulata exterminates six types of Mycobacterium

The dynamic rules of evolution

A mathematical model describes how the genetic code was formed and assists the unveiling of the origin of human beings

A SinBiota base is already in operation

The Paulista biodiversity is on the Internet, with lots of data and hundreds of maps

Bumps on the road of evolution

An USP study knocks down a model on the use and making of tools

Africans came first

Parts of three human bones, close to 8,400 years old, that have just been found by a team from São Paulo


New model of manufacturing performance

Cepid supports the modernization of the 108 companies in the Porto Ferreira ceramics complex

Eucalyptus with pea genes

A partnership between Esalq and Cia. Suzano prepares a genetically modified plant that will develop more cellulose

Cheap, efficient, and the market leader

New compound for the pulp industry lowers costs and does not pollute

X-ray of pollution in Campinas

Unicamp researcher detects the presence of metal in water, the air and in effluents


The marvelous foreign land

Researcher compiles tales of Guanabara bay before D. João VI

The geography of inclusion

Milton Santos, who died in June, advocated the role of the dispossessed

Mathematicians wanted

Study shows that Brazil suffers from a great lack of these professionals and the few that exist do not interact with scientific sectors