ED. 68 | SEPTEMBER 2001


Paths and horizons to advance on

National meeting evaluates the situation of Science, Technology and Innovation (S,TeI) and proposes strategies for the scientific and technological development of the country with greater participation by companies

Expansion Continues

FAPESP continues expanding, at a slower pace, its investment in scholarships

In Brazil, do as the Brazilians do

Investments by transnational companies in ReD outstrip the national average


Goodbye, Certainty

The variation in the value of the alpha constant - now no longer constant - rocks established concepts about the Universe and the origin of life on Earth

Minerals discovered in Brazil

Compendium updates analyses and corrects mineralogy errors accumulated over centuries

Life among crabs

Project leads to changes in the standards of management of this crustacean in the Southeast

Accurate Vision

Method lowers the cost of mapping and classifying vegetation in the Pantanal

Safer biotechnology

Genetic modification technique enables GM products with less environmental risk

Back to the battle

Vitamin C recovers the mobility of blood defense cells

A new look at asthma

Research groups open up prospects for a more efficient method of prevention and treatment

The lines of treatment

Studies don't dispense with the use of corticoid inhalants, except in very mild cases

The little villains of leishmaniosis

Wild rats are the hosts for the microbes of this tropical disease


More crude oil on the high seas

Two projects assist Petrobras to comply with its goals in deep waters

A diagnosis on the surface of the skin

A system for the analysis of lesions allows for an early detection of skin cancer

Image and sound direct from space

Proqualit develops, in the country, equipment for paid TV via satellite

Treatment for cattle

A method increases evenly the fertility of cattle and buffalo


Between Plato and Hot Dogs

Research shows that complexity of hypermedia generates a new kind of reader, with distinct abilities, both as interpreter of the written word and as receiver of urban signs

Magda Tagliaferro

15 years after the pianist's death, a book gives an account of the artist's history and career

Censored, made the headlines

Study reveals that Journalists help the dictatorship to silence the media