ED. 69 | OCTOBER 2001


Far-Manguinhos exports knowledge

Institute wants to transfer anti-retroviral production technology to Angola

A sensitive question

Scientific publications look for ways of dealing with conflicts of interest

Technology and the trade balance

Research by FGV-RJ analyses imports and exports of technology services Graph

Changes under way

Capes incorporates ProBE and FAPESP studies alterations to the program

Effects of September 11

Redoubled security in the USA because of terror affects research in Brazil


Ready to use

The first GM mice made in Brazil are born and they will serve as a model for thestudy of diseases

Defect in production

Study detects chromosomal variation far higher than expected in neurons

Fewer deaths from the air

An international group shows the benefits that the drop atmospheric pollution rate brings to public health in four large metropolises

The sweet seeds of the Cerrado (Wooded Savanna)

In the carbohydrates stored by the vegetables could be the key to the conservation of the ecosystem

Where can life be?

A connection between the chemical evolution of the Milky Way and the formation of terrestrial planets has been established

The proton in transformation

A study demonstrates how an accelerated particle can originate others


In the mouth of the furnace, new steelworks

Precision instrument and a new generation of refractory concrete arrive to improve the efficiency of steel making and to maintain the competitiveness of the country in this sector

Healthy and natural

Studies at Unicamp open the way for the production of isoflavones extracted from soybeans and new uses for propolis

Bacteria detector

In Rio, within two hours a laboratory identifies pathogenic micro organisms

Detailed weather forecasts

Inpe develops an advanced model of weather forecasting with high resolution

Pollutants targeted by of light and sound

A PIPE company develops a photo acoustic system that analyzes atmospheric air


The unknown "Chicas da silva"

Survey shows that like the slave that became a film title, many freed slaves climbed up the social ladder in Brazil's colonial period

The ABC of speaking with the hands

For the first time in Brazil, the language of the deaf and dumb is set out in a dictionary

The various faces of crime

Survey by Seade shows the profile of those involved in violence in São Paulo