ED. 72 | FEBRUARY 2002


Leap forward calls for change

Study reveals that Brazil's performance is growing, but the advance of knowledge still needs to be incorporated by the productive sector

Incor expands laboratory area

Change in physical space will have immediate effects on applied research


Twin Particles

Researchers from UFRJ Renew quantum physics experiment with photons

Little gas in the Amazon Forest

New calculations suggest that the tropical ecosystem may absorb less carbon dioxide than it used to be thought

The origin of the species

Study of fish that live in caves reveals the mechanisms of progressive differentiation that register their evolution

Rabies spreads

Researchers report first cases of transmission of the virus by marmosets in Ceará

Enzyme Indicates Alzheimer

Identified molecule that may diagnose disease years before it manifests itself

Closing in on a lethal protein

Group from UFRJ opens the way for understanding and holding back the reproduction of prions, which destroy brains and kill


Sky Images for agriculture

Sensors installed in satellites and aircraft capture information to analyze the soil and to estimate farm crops

Renewed vivarium

Small company launches compact environment for laboratory animals

Advanced control

Study brings innovations for the management of industrial production

Basic menu with quality

Researchers carry out studies on genetic selection and control of the diseases that promise to make bean growing more productive


Steam age Marias

Study retrace the difficult route of the first women who worked on the Northwest of Brazil railroad, in Bauru

The horizon of the bandeirante (wild country explorers) language

Research shows the old Portuguese language, that left São Paulo in the 17th Century and still survives in the daily language of other states