ED. 73 | MARCH 2002


Strategic Partnerships

An agreement between FAPESP and Terremark will improve the traffic exchange points on the Internet, a service hitherto provided to the community by the ANSP Network

Prospecting for good business

Votorantim Ventures invests in biotechnology companies

A market in expansion

Biominas finds that 51% of companies has no more than seven years

Reinforcement for CTNBio

Specialist to make up team that assesses transgenics

SciELO, an acclaimed model

Virtual library expands visibility of Brazilian science


The vaccine that protects the heart

Ambitious project begins to combat rheumatic fever, which attacks the heart tissue

The map of the paper tree

Discovery of 6,800 eucalyptus genes drives the search for increased productivity in the forestry sector

A sure shot

Vaccine ensures that only animals infected with the foot-and-mouth disease be slaughtered

A complete physicist

Dead at 96, Bernhard Gross coupled theory and practice with rare brilliance

Pulsating Sun

Group from the IAG discovers that variation in the diameter of the sun is ten times less than used to be believed

An island's lost ice

Map by researchers from Rio Grande do Sul shows shrinking glaciers on King George Island, where Brazil's Base in Antarctica is


Programs of the right size

Three companies from PIPE develop software projects that will contribute to Brazil's greater competitiveness in this sector

Simulations on the screen and in the bay waters

Tanks from USP Coppe-UFRJ to help Petrobras explore for oil in ultradeep waters

Virtual savoring

Embrapa develops electronic tongue to monitor quality in the production of drinks and to detect herbicide contamination in water

Copies of perfection

ProClone is working to add quality and competitiveness to ornamental plant production in Brazil


Movement in bronze

Research analyses the sculpture collection of Edgar Degas In the São Paulo Art Museum (Masp)

History made of paper

Two projects throw light on the many documents guarded in the depths of the Deops/SP (Political Police) from 1940 until 1983

The Quixotic liberal of the Republic

Book recovers the ideas of Oliveira Lima, the pioneer of nationality

Capitalism with a Brazilian face

A study reveals the idiosyncrasies of the national administration of companies