ED. 74 | APRIL 2002


From Xylella to Alellyx

Five researchers create a biotechnological company in partnership with Votorantim Ventures

Good Job

Californian children write letters to Brazilian scientists

The power of the transnationals

An INPI study analyses sixty years of the history of patents in the chemical sector

On-line accounts

FAPESP widens the communication network with researchers

Combat front against tuberculosis

Network-TB brings together 170 specialists in search of new vaccines, medicines and tests for identifying the illness


Gene Hunters

Mastery of the DNA chip technique could facilitate the diagnosis of illnesses such as prostrate cancer

Wide spectrum

The Guaco, a plant native to the Atlantic Rain Forest, has more therapeutic properties than previously supposed

Reversing the game: plants against the sauba ant

Natural defenses, made from substances extracted from vegetal, kill off the leaf-cutting ants and the fungi that they grow to eat

An alert on the pollution of the Amazon rivers

A survey on the largest hydrographic river basin in Rondônia confirms the impact of deforestation

The cosmic rays are arriving

Dozens of detectors come into operation at the Pierre Auger Observatory and collect the first pieces of information about the particles that travel 150 million light years before reaching the Earth


A laser gun against cancer

Researchers develop equipment and carry out a clinical study for the dissemination of Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT)

More competitive plastics

Partnership between OPP and IPEN produces high resistance polypropylene and easy to recycle

Challenges for the future

IBM develops a chip that gives new life to the silicon chip and studies techniques that will allow computers to make decisions

Proven efficiency

Equipment uses birds retina to test medicines with neurological action

Less pollution

Nanocatalyst created in UFRGS eliminates aromatic compounds from petroleum

Innovative technical assistance

Equipment speedily detects problems and repairs modules in switching centers

Organic with a green seal

PITE project and Cena's new laboratory prepare studies for certification of foods produced without use of chemicals


University museum with a national stature

After renovation, USP's Contemporary Art Museum gains importance, visibility, and becomes a model to be followed

From home, by computer

Research investigates distance learning to confirm results and disseminate its use

A skeptic causes polemics

Book that reassesses environmental problems arouses criticism from researchers

Brazil's centenary roots

Starting this month, seminars, debates, and exhibitions mark the celebration of the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Sérgio Buarque de Holanda