ED. 75 | MAY 2002


Cooperation towards development

Latin America, the Caribbean and the European Union widen investments in R&D

Pro-Sciences: a positive balance

Program has made it possible to qualify 7,942 high school teachers

Lessons in dialog and partnership

Study assesses strategies for integration between companies and universities in the USA and Europe

Scylla's turn

Votorantim Ventures invests in bioinformatics company

Incentive for innovation

Decree incorporates more funds in the Green-Yellow Fund


Mutation mapped

International work coordinated by a Brazilian researcher points to a gene that causes serious kidney disease in children

Guinea pigs made to measure

Unifesp team consolidates the pioneering production of transgenic miceobtained through the technique of pronuclear microinjection

At the root of the lupus

Recently discovered genes help to explain autoimmune diseases, which attack the organism itself

The salt is back

Silver nitrate is reintroduced in the treatment of pleural hemorrhage to reduce the discomfort of terminal patients

Players made to measure

A study shows who runs more and who has more resistance and greater dash in a football team

Protected herd

Researcher from the State of Minas Gerais makes a more efficient DNA vaccine against brucellosis, a contagious illness that attacks cattle

The smell of the species

The only way of differentiating minuscule orchids from mountainous regions is their pollinating insect, specific to each flower's smell

Mother Earth

Team from USP puts South America on the map of Rodinia, a supercontinent of 1 billion years ago

At the mouth of a black hole

Researcher from UFRGS shows how matter is swallowed up by a black hole in the center of a galaxy


Purification of the waters

Charging for the use of river water should stimulate the adoption of new technologies for treating and reusing sanitary and industrial effluents

Noble animals

LinkGen is the first company in Latin America to do a DNA test for horses and cattle

Protected from the heat

Protein activated prematurely reduces poultry mortality from variations in the environment temperature

Health at the touch of a button

Incor places at the disposal of any hospital in the country a simplified version of the software that stores information and patients' medical records

Purchasing Power

The influence of carmakers upon the companies that supply parts is becoming greater and greater

High performance

Companies from Southern Brazil produce tooling machinery for North American industry


The surprising american part of USP

A study relates the importance of the Rockefeller Foundation in the consolidation of the Brazilian academic model

The visual feast of baroque

Book brings together studies, with abundant pictures, on the roots of colonial esthetics