ED. 79 | SEPTEMBER 2002


Partnership Consolidated

Profile of FAPESP's investments in 2001 reinforces commitment to transferring knowledge to the productive sector and public bodies

Letter to researchers

Here is the full text of the letter sent by FAPESP's scientific director to the researchers

CNPq's 50 years

Book recovers part of the history of Science&Technology in Brazil, between 1951 and 2001, based on the testimony by the Council's 20 presidents

Agency for innovation

Finep completes 35 years and consolidates its role in support of R&D&E


Where stars are born

Unprecedented mapping detects 150 nurseries in the Southern Hemisphere

The triumph of the left-handed

Study by Unicamp explains how amino acids organize themselves at the moment of the formation of proteins in any living being

Heart attack - What causes or prevents it

In Brazil, the risk of a heart attack is five times greater amongst smokers, and falls by almost half with moderate consumption of alcohol

Losing beat

Failure in terminals of neurons keep the heart speeded up

Fine sieve

Fiocruz test detects slight infections of schistosomiasis

Liquid solution

Joint use of hydrating agent and diuretic fights intoxication by ammonia in cattle

Altered functions

Experiments with animals attest to the possibility of changes in sexual behavior that may occur during gestation as an effect of pesticides and antiallergic drugs

When snakes had paws

Polemics over serpents shows how organisms can acquire or lose apparently essential characteristics

In the oven's mouth

Burning eucalyptus to produce charcoal releases irritating and cancerous substances

Cleaning up the bottom of the sea

Team from Unicamp reveals the way of life of the cleaner-fish

Wealth in danger

Shortage of large animals may reduce the diversity of species in regenerating forests


Radioactive seeds against cancer

Ipen masters the technology for manufacturing capsules containing iodine-125 for the treatment of prostate tumors

Tough for all tests

Unicamp gets together with a company to develop a process that turns gear boxesmore resistant

Nutrition as a defense

A company from the State of Ceara develops products based on the relationship between nutrients and immunology

A vision of space

INPE researchers build a telescope to capture x-rays and cosmic gamma rays


Critique of pure reason

A book by the North American inventor of the H-bomb, Edward Teller, and a biography on the Russian Andrei Sakharov, discuss the limits of morality within scientific discoveries

The Arab who changed the West

A study on Avicenna reveals the geniality of the thinking that brought philosophy to Western countries

An inverted Sheherezade

Awarded the Érico Vannucci Prize for 2002, the researcher Betty Mindlin has for years been collecting indigenous myths and transforming them into books