ED. 81 | NOVEMBER 2002


The impact on science

FAPESP will allow the importation of supplies, in exceptional cases, to avoid irreplaceable loses to ongoing projects

Escalating production

Controversy, articles by Brazilian authors in indexed magazines already represent 1,44% of world science

Science at a rap rhythm

Futura Channel launches new program for the young public

Pertinent knowledge

International Council wants scientists involved with social demands

An appeal for flexibility

Rules for intellectual property step up debate between the rich and the poor countries


The bases of malaria

Sequencing the genomes of the causer and transmitter of the disease stimulates research into new drugs

Fatal mutations

Team from Rio details the action of the genes responsible for malformation of the head

Magnetic drugs

Tests on animals give the green light for research into iron-based compounds capable of treating cancer

Fleeting matter

Study details the interaction of particles that are born and die at every moment in the atomic nucleus

Corrected landscapes

Mathematical method perfects interpretation of radar images

More gold under the forest

Two volcanoes in the Amazon may shelter vast reserves of precious minerals

Living records of time

New species of marine invertebrates discovered on the coastline of São Paulo help to understand the evolution of the oceans


The strength of fiber

Researchers from Unicamp are developing latest generation optic amplifiers that are going to improve telephony and the Internet

Software from the hinterland

A company from Campina Grande is exporting data base systems and is keeping a close relationship with the university

Expanded concrete

Researcher finds in aluminum slag a new ingredient for producing mortar

Precision in diagnosis

A new kit and laboratory procedure allows for the identification of parasites with greater efficiency

Spittlebug attacks

Biological control kills the insect that has become a pest due to the mechanized cutting of the sugarcane


The complex formula of modern science

Project intends to discuss the torturous ways in the specialization of scientific knowledge

The big city on the screen

How the São Paulo cinema - in a special of seven films - covered the ailments and the personalities of the decade of the 80's