ED. 83 | JANUARY 2003


Targets rearranged

ANSP network will be used as a test bed for the Tidia projects

Field-testing for medicines

Authorization for clinical tests on Brazilians grows 10% a year

New figures for R&D

Private sector employs 37% of Brazilian researchers


The limits of the sea

Survey maps the excessive exploitation of fishing resources in Brazil

The land of the birds

Now there are eight species of birds that only between the Xingu and Tapajós rivers

The dance of the genes

Brazilians create mathematical model that defines the limit for alterations to genomes and their evolution

Revelation in details

Research shows genes and mechanisms that may help in the fight against the bacterium that causes yellowing disease

Strengthened defense

Sugarcane protein has fungicidal action and may help to hold back the advance of human diseases

Greater risk

Variation in a gene may intensify the death of neurons and aggravate mental illnesses

Insulin from the liver

Doctors and researchers implant cells and create an alternative to pancreas transplants

The oldest one (for the time being)

Oldest star ever discovered raises questions about the formation of the Universe


Waters under control

System for managing dams created in São Carlos attracts attention of companies from Brazil and abroad

On the trail of the Trypanosome

With greater precision, new test detects presence of antibodies of Chagas's disease in the blood

Patents in action

FAPESP does the first licensing of a product generated in a program for technological innovation

Samples of health

Study on propolis results in patenting a method for analyzing this resin and in an oral antiseptic

Time keeping

Researchers build three atomic clocks capable of splitting one second into billionths

Clean atmosphere

Equipment identical to the one to be sent to Mars monitors the air in the city of Vitória


The Gothic in the tropics

A pioneering study in Brazil analyzes the work of the German xylographist Dürer that is stored in Rio de Janeiro

Not meaning to

Modern artists have discovered in the power of chance a new form of making art incisive and daring

Journey reading

A book by Lilia Schwarcz narrates how the Portuguese Royal Library arrived in Brazil