ED. 85 | MARCH 2003


Risk of heart attack in the orange groves

Citrus sudden death kills trees in a few weeks, threatens production, and challenges researchers

Banana extinction was an exaggeration

Inventory of Brazilian species

Book summarizes cataloged knowledge on biodiversity

The controversy goes on

Federal government is going to decide on the production of transgenics

ProBE: mission fulfilled

Scientific magazines can be consulted at Capes's Periodicals Gateway

The new strategies of the CNPq

The objective is to strengthen the regional participation in S&T


Proof of kinship

Lineage of that attacks grapes shares 98% of its genes with the strain that infects oranges

Lights from the past

Two projects register the temperature variations that show the Universe 13 billion years ago

The Ideal Shape

Researchers from São Paulo and Minas Gerais show how to build carbon nanotubes that slide almost without friction

The impurities of gold


Knowledge of the field

Embrapa completes 30 years of technological development for agriculture and livestock raising

Attack on the parasite

Genetic discoveries and new drugs fight the Trypanosome, which causes Chagas' disease

New weapons against dengue

A bacterium is the raw material of bioinsecticides that kill mosquito larva

Deep look

Innovation reduces time spent in assessing sample substances

Efficiency under the sun

Researchers from Rio Grande do Sul develop more productive solar cells

Extra toughness in the air

Unprecedented product gives more resistance to the wingtip lights of Embraer's aircraft

Arm under control

Researchers study how to correct failings in industrial robots and make them operate in an environment of microgravity


Vital statistics of women in São Paulo

Database consolidates information on female social identity in São Paulo

The album of the patriarchal family

Thesis brings together the conflicting visions of Nelson Rodrigues and Gilberto Freyre on the Brazilians' household upbringing

A bank with all the look of Brazil

Thesis scrutinizes changes the BB has been through, with its duality of thriving in the market and, at the same time, being the government's cashier