ED. 87 | MAY 2003


Forbidden knowledge

Researchers want to review rules that limit access to the genetic heritage

The bull's turn

Innovative project will do genetic sequencing and functional analysis simultaneously

En route to self-sufficiency

Factory of anti-flu vaccine to generate savings of R$ 94 million a year

Reinforcement for diplomacy

Brazilian Foreign Relations Ministry (Itamaraty) creates center for monitoring trends in international innovation


The glaciers turned into backlands

300 million years ago, the landscape of the future northeast of Brazil was dominated by ice

Tables turned

Contamination of rivers by oil threatens above all fish with aerial respiration, an ancient evolutionary advantage

Long range vision

Discoveries on protein essential in forming the brain make agreement with multinational feasible

Folding molecules

Simulations on a computer make it possible to foresee the structure of proteins and to explain the mechanism of how anesthetics act

The silence of the genes

New technique deactivates stretches of DNA, blocks production of protein in bees, and beckons with more wide- ranging applications

The genesis of DNA

Mathematical model describes the competition between molecules that made it possible for living beings to emerge on Earth


Valuable enemies

Company from Piracicaba produces and exports insects to fight farms pests

The computer's voice

Linguists and engineers from Unicamp formulate a speech system with a Brazilian accent

Cachaça without any mystery

Compared with whiskies, the Brazilian drink has fewer aldehydes, substances that are responsible for hangovers

Teeth preserved

New cements and odontological membranes are making restorations and implants cheaper

To stop submerging

Gates are to be installed at the bottom of the sea to try to save Venice from flooding


Delicate relations

Study about Law professionals analyzes difficulty of being independent and serving the State

Musical challenges

Thesis dissects history of Brazilian atonal composition