ED. 88 | JUNE 2003


The advance of the cattle herds

The bovine functional genome project will widen Brazil's competitive advantage in the international beef market

Impunity and Violence

Researchers verify that the percentage of violent crimes converted into prison punishment of the accused is extremely low

Risky algorithm

Project in public policy measures situations of violence of the São Paulo population

Unicamp invests in innovation

Inovacamp is going to evaluate the demands of the private sector in order to direct research

Cautious optimism

For Nature, it is time for Brazil to transform its power of research into economic advantage

A daring idea

Researchers look for support to found a Neuroscience Institute in Natal


Virtual opportunity

The Tidia Program will select projects concerning the infrastructure of the network and distance learning

Special reserve

Team from the state of Minas Gerais discover a network of tubes that store calcium in the nucleus of cells

On the trail of a vaccine

Brazilians sequence the genome of the bacterium that causes leptospirosis and request patents for twenty-four proteins

Under the skin

Beauty creams stimulate more brain regions in women with sensitive skin

Rich and tragic

Only 2.4% of the natural vegetation of the Minas Gerais Triangle remain, ten times less than the minimum recommended

Inverted flow

After successive occurrences of El Niño during the 90s, the Tapajós National Forest now liberates more carbon dioxide gas than it absorbs

The force of vacuum

Team from USP discovers the limits to the use of the Schrödinger wave equation, one of those most employed in the study of the atom

Simplified disorder

Team from Campinas and the MIT draws up a method that facilitates the calculation of entropy


Genius innovations

Private technology institute generates products, seeks independence, and starts to set up a branch in Campinas

Rubber medicine

Material made from the latex of the rubber tree closes ulcers and rebuilds the esophagus and the eardrum

Expanded image

National technology lowers production costs of special lenses made with injectable plastics

Digital scissors

Software generated at UFPE wins market and prevents losses in the paper industry

Lucrative marriage

A fourteen-year partnership between the university and the company CSN has brought in some US$ 85 million for the company


Plugged into the world

An innovative study shows how dance and body evolved together and both in harmony with technology


A thesis reveals how Jean-Baptiste Debret wanted, through his work, to trace a biography of Brazil, a country that he had admired with illuminist impetus