ED. 89 | JULY 2003


Virtuous circle

Taxes paid by innovative companies exceed amount of public investments

Partnership and good business

Universities and companies invest in innovation to boost exports

Social paradox

Project aims to legalize building lots in areas of water sources, without jeopardizing the quality of the water

Impulse for scientific culture

Foundation assesses impact of its programs and creates news agency


Proof of resistance

Team from USP details the mechanisms by which adepts of moderate physical activity beat sedentary people in the fight against infections and tumors

Cells with a thousand faces

Brazilian teams use cell therapy to treat experimentally autoimmune diseases and lesions in the brain

Mycosis from the earth

Research advance into a vaccine and target genes to fight a fungus typical of South America

Vital protection

Pocket with calcium allows the causer of malaria to live in the inside of blood cells

Life and death on the sand

Biologists from Rio assess the degree of destruction of 17 restingas (coastal strips), where exclusive species still live

The forgotten palm trees

The English find samples of palm trees that the co-author of the theory of evolution sent from Pará 155 years ago

Water, sun and wine

Brazilian model for classifying climates designates a hundred wine producing regions in 30 countries

Cosmic sneezes

Astrophysicists describe evolution of jets of gas 10 light-years in length


The power of transformation

Laboratory waste is reused in other experiments after recycling

Relief for burns

Hydrogel dressing lessens pain, prevents skin from drying up and fights bacteria

Inside the tubes

New methodology for analyzing petrochemical equipment

Flights of innovation

Company develops systems for aerial mapping and cargo tracking

Genomic difference

Analyzing alterations in nucleotides is a theme for Scylla's first commercial software

More comfort and efficiency

Biodegradable microspheres and ocular implants do away with injections inseveral treatments


Iberê Camargo revisited

AlmAlmost ten years after the painter's death, research produces a catalog of theartist's works