ED. 90 | AUGUST 2003


Lever stuck

In the midst of an unprecedented crisis, INPI awaits help from the federal government

Open doors

Physics Institute of USP in São Carlos receives students from high schools

Pressure and dialog

Forum of the FAPs analyzes measures to guarantees the handing over of state funds

Model of success

FAPESP's PIPE will be a benchmark for the MCT's programs for business innovation


Fleeting encounters

The survival of trees as tall as 40 meters depend on tiny insects and pollinating birds

Unambiguous identity

Laboratory at USP discovers the genetic causes and the forms of treatment of rare hormonal alterations

Hidden truth

Autopsy points out errors in the identification of the cause of death

Relief Multiplied

Substances extracted from the ground cherry are 30 times more potent than the anti- inflammatories known today

Victims of time

Researchers perfect treatments for cancer in dogs, and they are living longer and longer

Vision of the depths

Team from Rio Grande do Sul makes a map of the seabed close to the Brazilian coastline


Small-scale Revolution

Nanotechnology begins to interest private enterprise in Brazil after the good results in the academic world

The salvation of the mineral

Process reduces the dispersion of asbestos fibers and avoids diseases caused by handling the product

Natural manure

Soya and crotalaria enrich the soil with nitrogen and increase the production of rice, sugarcane and corn

Magnetic reading

Equipment detects whether there is an excess of iron in the liver of people who have many blood transfusions

Changes in the trunk

Vehicles adapted to natural gas get lighter tanks and with different formats

Pastilles for cleaning

Company develops devices that eliminate bacteria and fungi inside air conditioning equipment


The giant that shrunk

Researcher analyzes the difficulties for resuming growth

ID with rhythm and plenty of color

Study shows how adolescents from the outskirts find identity in the hip-hop culture

The sacred Brazilian soul

Book reveals the archeology of the churches of the state of São Paulo

Is it really?

College of Fine Arts of UFMG develops scientific techniques capable of telling whether a work is false or genuine