ED. 92 | OCTOBER 2003


Under the shadow of Sisyphus

Plan for reviewing the space program enhances dialog with universities draws it closer to academia

New Gallery

Project for recovering gallery forest recovers São Paulo's biodiversity and preserves its water system

Model for training managers

Endeavor, Sebrae-SP and FAPESP sign innovative partnership

At the limit of daring

Tidia starts an analysis of optical networks, a content incubator and electronic learning

Qualified dialog

President Lula reinstalls National Science and Technology Council


Inside the parasite

Identification of genes of the leads to new ways of fighting schistosomiasis and gains international prominence

Survival from the jungle

Analysis of genes helps to understand adaptation mechanism of bacterium common in the dark waters of Amazonia

Get moving!

A growing number big city dwellers are taking up moderate physical activity

The lost beaches

Erosion and retreat of the sea redesign the Brazilian coastline

The city of 77 climates

The temperature in the biggest Brazilian metropolis varies by up to 10 degrees at the same moment


Ways of Hydrogen

Electrocell makes the final adjustments to the fuel cell that will be handed over to Eletropaulo

Hybrids on the streets

Buses with electric and conventional traction, produced in São Bernardo, win international prominence

Process mastered

Groups from Ipen and USP succeed in making the heart of the oxygen sensor, a part imported up until now

Drops in detail

Collector developed at Unesp records volume of rainfall, date and time of occurrence

The leap of the shrimp

Breeding in fresh water and genetic research boost the production of marine crustaceans


The biographer and his pairs

Posthumous study by Roberto Ventura on Euclides da Cunha gives a psychological view of the writer

Where the poor abides the same as the rich

Book analyzes the architecture of cemeteries