ED. 94 | DECEMBER 2003


Reinforced Safety

GMOs developed by Embrapa will be assessed by Biosafety Network

X-ray of innovation

Innovative potential of universities and research institutes begins to be assessed

Investment in water

Petrobras sets aside R$ 40 million for environmental preservation projects on the theme of water


The neuron link

Normal version of the prion is crucial in the formation of memory and in the response to the treatment of epilepsy

Crystalline image

Detailed structure of protein facilitates the search for new medicines against autoimmune diseases

At the heart of the genes

Brazilian technique shows which stretches of DNA are activated in healthy cells and in tumors

Beings from the depths

Survey expands knowledge about fish that live far below the surface and doubles the total of known species

Unique brilliance

How the Eta Carinae star took on importance and attracted the attention of physicists all over the world

Between peaks and trenches

Theoretical model determines the geometric arrangement that would make the use of nanotubes possible


Biodiesel in the tank

Fuel produced with ethanol and vegetable oils is ready for fueling buses and trucks

Ethylic Pranks

Analyses of carbon atoms reveal adulterations in the manufacturing process of alcoholic beverages

A lot of pulp and no seeds

Three varieties of seedless table grapes adapted to the tropical climate are launchedonto the market

The color of meat

Coloring for food produced by the fungus Monascus has new production technique

Powerful molecule

Substance found in the human body is the basis of biomaterials for treating lesions in the skin and hypertension



Texts for the Estudos Avançados[Advanced Studies] magazine offer a rich panorama of the situation of women in Brazil today