ED. 95 | JANUARY 2004


New investments

Fleury, Syrio-Lebanese and Einstein create research institutes

Recipe for an entrepreneur

Seminar analyzes strategies for the success of high technology businesses


Oasis in danger

Biologists plan the repopulation of the coral reefs, one of the richest environments in the world, threatened by excessive fishing

Uncertain fruits

Excessive harvesting threatens survival of the brazil-nut trees of in the Amazon

Grains of fertility

Botanist makes the first detailed description of the pollen of the pernambuco wood

The flora that came in from the cold

The interior of the state of São Paulo shelters fossils of plants that grew alongside glaciers 300 million years ago

Taking a ride on sugar

Association of chemical compounds creates the possibility of treating leishmaniasis with pills instead of injections

The weight of the world

Hanging countries, or swapping the countryside for the city, even though it represents the quest for better living conditions, increases the risk of schizophrenia

Bits, bytes and genes

Brazilians create programs that simplify the task of setting up and analyzing genomes


Innovations in steels

Researchers develop advanced materials with better electrical properties and more resistance to corrosion

On guard against rot

System makes it possible to control citrus disease with less fungicides spraying

Feed made to measure

Study develops system for analyzing foodstuffs for fishes and shrimps

World standard

Quimlab is the company of the year in incubators for the production of chemical products without precedent in the country

Weekly dose

Company acquires from UFMG the right to produce antihypertensive with technique for controlled release of the drug


Modern by hook or by crook

Books show how elites implemented civilization in Rio de Janeiro and in São Paulo

A Portuguese mission, to be sure

The influence that a group of Portuguese intellectuals bequeathed to Brazil

The great family

Vianinha's father, actor, director, producer and impresario Oduvaldo Vianna, resurges in a thesis