ED. 97 | MARCH 2004


The news from the East

South Koreans extract stem cells from a human embryo and reopen polemic

Positive balance

The number of Brazilian publications on genomics grows apace

Who offers more?

Purchase of imported supersonic fighters will have to benefit Brazilian companies

A monument to health

The trajectory of the School of Medicine of the University of São Paulo (USP), one of the most vigorous centers of health care and scientific research in the country


Iron against tuberculosis

In experiments on animals, a metallic compound kills Koch’s bacillus more rapidly and with fewer side effects

The lords of rain

Gas discovered in the atmosphere of the Amazon intensifies precipitation, while slash and burning reduces it

Snake No. 1

70 million year old fossil represents the oldest snake found in Brazil

The new rays from the Sun

Team of Brazilians and Argentineans detects the most intense radiation from solar explosions

Disguise unveiled

Studies on the parasite that causes Chagas’s disease give the 2004 L’Oréal-Unesco award to a Brazilian woman


Conductor in the oven

With the assistance of a household microwave oven, researchers develop new materials that increase the memory of computers by as much as 250 times

Boosting partnerships

Unicamp Agency gets into the field of transferring the technology produced at the university

From villain to hero

Snacks enriched with flour from bovine lungs help in combating anemia

Impulse in space

Researchers at the UnB construct a new version of a thruster rocket for satellites

Lightness in the air

The wing structure of the Embraer aircraft was developed with the support of a small company


Listening to the voice of the Indians

Study Center analyzes the past of the Missions not only from the point of view of the Jesuits but of those natives who were influenced by the priests

Hilda Hilst has died. Long live Hilda Hilst!

The loss of the writer is a good moment to reflect upon the depth of her poetic works

A portable museum for Modernism

The Caixa Modernista [Modernist Box] brings together the most important documents of the movement