ED. 98 | APRIL 2004


It's time to collect

Researchers get ready to demand that the states pass on what is defined in law

Radiograph of a tragedy

Shortages of human resources and materials were responsible for the accident with the VLS-1

Knowledge is capital

Researchers group themselves together in order to create a technology based company

Productive ground

In a series of reports on the 70 years of the University of Sao Paulo, Pesquisa FAPESP traces the trajectory of the centenary “Luiz de Queiroz” College of Agriculture (ESALQ), that has changed the eating habits of Brazilians and today is a leader in biotechnology research


Motherly bites

Piranhas are not as aggressive as had been imagined, and in general attack in defense of their offspring

The brain in action

Experiment on patients with Parkinson's disease suggests that the electrical activity of neurons could move prostheses

Preserved memories

New compounds reduce the damage done by Alzheimer's disease

Bloodless Surgery

Gamma rays help in the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorders

Alternative during pregnancy

The first surgeries for the correction of the spine of babies still in the uterus show promising results

In good company

The Soar telescope begins to work and places the country side by side with the best observation centers in the world


Beautiful, safe and cheap

New construction techniques and adequate chemical treatment turn wooden bridges into a good option for concrete

Thinned aluminum

CBA and Poly-USP develop thinner and more resistant metal plates

Fibers from the sea

Company manufactures food supplements with raw material extracted from crustaceans

Getting the paper right

Electronic sensor eliminates loses in the drying process of cellulose paste


To dress the actor's soul

Thesis reveals the evolution of costume importance in the modern theater

Vacancies for young men and women

Research reveals the importance of the "Pensionato Artístico" (Artistic Boarding), study grants that took Modernists to Europe

The parade of Brazilian faith

Book maps the Brazilian national religious festivals