ED. 99 | MAY 2004


Once again, in the front line

Support for innovation redeems the role of Finep and of the BNDES

Bloody ways

Federal and São Paulo governments plan the installation of a factory of blood byproducts

In search of the ideal partner

Uniemp Institute creates agency to speed up the production of new drugs

Time for coffee

Researchers conclude first stage of sequencing the plant's genome

In defense of the forest

Nogueira Neto, at the age of 82, is studying environmental handling and management


Extra work

Crusher of molecules inside the cells also creates proteins that reduce the efficiency of vaccines

Back to life

Early production of enzymes reduces the risks of coming out of hibernation

The legs of the viruses

Aphids may spread the possible causal agent of citrus sudden death

At the heart of the atom

Experiments deepen knowledge about the structure of matter


The frog's leap

New strains ensure greater productivity and alleviate environmental impacts

Molecular precision

Sensors on a nanometric scale detect and differentiate tastes, smells, and pollutants

Energy from the Sun

Company from São José dos Campos develops technique for manufacturing solar panels used in artificial satellites

Healing papaya

Latex from fruit found in Chile contains healing substances for different kinds of skin wounds


Music for God

Students and professors from São Paulo meet in the interior of the state of Minas Gerais to celebrate baroque repertoire

I saw one Brazil on TV

Work assesses documentaries about nature following Amaral Netto, the program Globo Ecology

The practical reason of criticism

Study brings an archeology of the origin of the debate about the arts in Brazil

Passion and rigor in equal doses

This is how one can define the work of Octavio Ianni, who died last month

For books never formerly published

Rio de Janeiro publisher uses creativity to recover works forgotten in the past