ED. 246 | AUGUST 2016


Fertile ground for innovation

Study examines the distribution of research projects among São Paulo State’s technology-based small businesses and finds the greatest density in São Carlos

Showcase for new technologies

Research projects funded by FAPESP that produce patents are posted on a new page of the Foundation’s Virtual Library

Fifty years since that night

The 1966 invasion of the University of Buenos Aires by police was the precursor to the brain drain from Argentina


Copies that make a difference

Comparisons of the primate genome enhances the influence of retrocopies in the diversification of species and individuals

Chikungunya’s turn

Highly debilitating viral infection spreads across Brazil

A parasite with multiple identities

A variety of Plasmodium vivax found in the Americas has accumulated genetic alterations that distinguish it from African and Asian strains

Boldness rewarded

Knowledge gained from sequencing the Xylella fastidiosa bacterium has reduced its presence in the orange trees of São Paulo

Virtual sieve

System compares the performance of soccer players and helps identify talents

Under the force of the Andes

Map displays a comprehensive view of the topographic relief of South America, now subdivided into 35 units

Inside fossils

The increasingly widespread use of computed tomography permits detailed analysis of bones of extinct animals

Superproperties in 2D

Simulations suggest that new nanostructured materials capable of storing information can be developed

Innovative vision of pharmacology

Sérgio Henrique Ferreira became famous for his research into medications to fight hypertension and pain and was president of the Brazilian Society for the Advancement of Science


Extra protection

Antimicrobial fabrics that also repel fluids can provide more safety for health professionals

Much faster information

Brazilian researchers break fiber-optic data transmission record without using electronic signal amplifiers

The chemistry of the future

BASF has two global laboratories in Brazil and research groups focusing mainly on agribusiness and construction

Ultrasound against heart attacks

In initial testing, the therapy restored blood flow in the heart muscle 60% of the time

Tire recycling

Two projects suggest alternatives for reusing rubber


When the computer helps you learn

Research confirms benefits of using technology resources in the classroom, especially for students with learning disabilities

Heat in the cities

Research studies look for ways to protect residents of big cities from the effects of high temperatures

Complete devotion to the theater

Professor, writer and critic, Sábato Magaldi, was regarded as one of the three leading names in his field in Brazil