ED. 256 | JUNE 2017


Reasons to award incentives

The IMF and OECD suggest that governments provide tax incentives to encourage companies to do more research

Sleeping Beauties

To study the scientific process and perfect the evaluation systems, researchers analyze innovative papers that were only belatedly recognized


Remaking the Cerrado

Direct planting of seeds and soil reuse prove to be viable techniques for restoring native vegetation

Breaking boundaries

Real-time genome sequencing reconstructs trajectory of Zika virus across the Americas

A key to unlock the brain

Carbon-based nanomaterial may help medication reach the central nervous system

Tension beneath the Earth

Characterization of the movements of geologic faults in the Earth’s crust explains seismic tremors in Brazil

A revealing collision

Gravitational waves emitted by merging black holes confirm the existence of a new population of these celestial objects

Maintaining weight

Planck’s constant is set to replace the metal cylinder that has served as an international reference for the kilogram since 1889


Green propulsion

INPE and the Brazilian Air Force develop sustainable engine and fuel for use in rockets and satellites

A new communications satellite

The SGDC will bring technological advancements to Brazil and improve the civil and military communications system

Landscape control

Software helps monitor the health of city trees


From the factory floor to the floor of Congress

Researchers review the history of the struggle by Brazil’s feminist movements

Horror, Brazilian style

Current wave of films of this genre was preceded by a tradition little known or studied