ED. 258 | AUGUST 2017


To take advantage of the Sun

Study indicates favorable areas for exploring solar energy in Brazil

Resilience during the crisis

Despite the unfavorable economy, FAPESP continues its pace of investment according to the institution’s 2016 report


Reversing Wasting Syndrome

Physical exercise can halt cachexia, the inflammation that induces unwanted weight loss and worsens cases of cancer and other diseases

Yvonne Primerano Mascarenhas: The master of crystals

Physicist honored at the World Chemistry Congress began to study molecular structures using X-ray diffraction in the 1960s

The era of genome editing

Researchers modify a mutation associated with heart disease in human embryos

Deep sea alliances

The six species of cleaner fish from the Rocas atoll obtain food by removing parasites from larger fish

Pleasant refuges in a world of volcanoes

Experiments on bacteria suggest life may have arisen on land

Nicholas Suntzeff: Observer of the distant universe

One of the discoverers of the rapid expansion of the cosmos discusses the challenge of finding clues about what mysterious dark energy is

The difference that equalizes the Sun and its sister stars

Chaotic plasma behavior helps explain variations in the magnetic cycle of solar analog stars


Biosensors in medicine

Portable, accurate devices are intended to improve diagnosis of infectious and genetic diseases

More resistant sugarcane fields

A variety of genetically modified sugarcane developed by a company from Piracicaba is approved for planting


The inner city speaks for itself

Groups of young people use videos to make social demands, provide cultural expressions, and show how they see the metropolis of São Paulo