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Coppe goes to China

L3laurabeatrizOn January 14 the Brazil-China Center of Innovative Technology, Climate Change and Energy was inaugurated. This is a partnership between the Alberto Luiz Chimera Institute in Post-graduation Studies in Engineering  of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Coppe-UFRJ) and Tsinghua University in Beijing. The center’s headquarters will be in China. This year researchers from the two institutions will collect information about greenhouse gas emissions in Brazil and China, the results of which will be presented by the end of 2010, including suggestions for actions aimed at reducing emissions. Another activity will be mapping out biodiesel sources in the two countries for the development of joint projects.  Over the last few years Coppe has received several visits from Chinese delegations. The interest shown in technology linked to offshore oil exploration, alternative ways of generating electricity and other sustainable technologies – areas in which Coppe has expertise – led the institute’s directors to propose setting up the center. Coppe also has cooperation agreements with the Oil University in Beijing and the School of Urban Construction and Environmental Engineering of Chongging University.