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Extinct fauna

The rays from an ancient lake

New species: teeth of Atlanticopristis equatorialis

manuel alfredo medeiros / ufmaNew species: teeth of Atlanticopristis equatorialismanuel alfredo medeiros / ufma

Fourteen sharp teeth found on the island of Cajual, in Maranhão, have revealed a new species and a new genus of ray finned fish, Atlanticopristis equatorialis. Agostinha Pereira, from the Natural History and Archaeology Research Center of Maranhão, and Manuel Medeiros, from the Federal University of Maranhão, examined the teeth and concluded that the animals, today represented by these small fragments, lived in the equatorial Atlantic 100 million years ago (Brazilian Journal of Paleontology). Mineralized fragments of teeth and bones, including those from dinosaurs, and the remains of trees indicate that the animals and plants that lived there were similar to those that lived inNorth Africa.