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Partnership against cancer

The Sírio-Libanês Hospital (HSL) and the Ludwig Cancer Research Institute have established a partnering agreement to create a Molecular Oncology Center. The objective of the institution is to engage in research aimed at improving tumor diagnosis, the understanding of the prognosis factors of various kinds of tumors, the ability to foresee the response to treatments and the therapeutic resources themselves. The center will be coordinated by Anamaria Aranha Camargo, a Ludwig Institute researcher. Anamaria and her molecular biology and genome research team will relocate to the Sírio-Libanes Study and Research Institute (IEP) in São Paulo. Anamaria is currently heading a research project on “Neoadjuvant treatment of rectum cancer: identification of the genic signature able to predict response to treatment and development of personalized biomarkers to evaluate minimal residual disease,” with the support of FAPESP. The research work to be done by the research team at the Molecular Oncology Center will be financed by the Ludwig Institute and the Sírio-Libanes Hospital. “The Ludwig Center’s experience in cancer genetics and in the development of new drugs will add to the excellence of the treatment provided by the Sírio-Libanês Hospital,” said Anamaria.