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"Revista de Jornalismo ESPM": translated texts and own productionEDUARDO CESAR

Revista de Jornalismo ESPM was launched in May; it is the first Brazilian version of the Columbia Journalism Review, one of the world’s most influential journals on journalism, started 50 years ago by Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism in New York. In addition to printing translations of articles published in the US edition, the Brazilian version will also publish exclusive articles produced in Brazil. The first issue centers on topics such as the challenges of economic journalism in relation to its two target audiences: investors and the lay public; the troubled relations between press publicists and the media; and the presence of Afro-Americans in newsrooms in the United States. Journalist Alberto Dines, who recently celebrated his 80th birthday (see Pesquisa FAPESP issue 194), wrote an article on the immediacy of digital media and how this harms journalism because of digital media’s lack of consistency and the fact that it feeds on a heavy load of frivolous events. The first issue’s editorial stated that “Our journal will act as the bridge between academia and the journalistic community, aiming to provide a critical view of the press as an institution.” The journal will be quarterly and subscriptions are available at