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Biota-FAPESP Education II

Biota Education II deals with pampa biodiversity

Fire and farming have had an important role in maintaining the pampa’s biological diversity. Seems strange? This unusual view of environmental conservation was the subject of the second meeting of the Biota-FAPESP Education Conference Cycle, held in São Paulo on March 21st. According with biologists Márcio Borges Martins and Ilsi Iob Boldrini, both from Rio Grande do Sul Federal University (UFRGS), and Eduardo Eizirik, from Rio Grande do Sul Catholic University (PUC-RS), these two forms of human interference may contribute to preserve the fields in Southern Brazil. It can, indeed, keep the forest vegetation from invading.

Biota-FAPESP Education Conference Cycle is an initiative of the Biota FAPESP Program, in partnership with Pesquisa FAPESP magazine. The goal is to present the knowledge generated in the program along its 13 years, while contributing to the quality of science and environmental education in the country.