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Manual helps students set up companies

The Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar) Agency for Innovation has launched a practical manual in the form of an electronic book for smartphones and tablets to assist in clarifying questions and procedures for setting up companies in Brazil. Prepared by the Technology Transfer team of the UFSCar Agency for Innovation, the manual aims to stimulate innovative ventures in Brazil. “Knowledge generated and protected by intellectual property should be made available to society, and one way to make this possible is to promote entrepreneurship,” says Ana Lúcia Vitale Torkomian, executive director of the UFSCar Agency for Innovation. She notes that one of the objectives is to encourage new spinoffs—companies founded to economically exploit knowledge generated in universities. “To accomplish this, we attempt to answer questions about the process of registering companies, considered highly bureaucratic and complicated, and we try to make it easier for novice entrepreneurs,” she adds. The original purpose of the manual was to serve members of the UFSCar academic community, and especially undergraduate and graduate students, but anyone interested in starting a business or just understanding the process of setting up a company can use it. Thus, the agency hopes to facilitate access to this type of information and make it available in a format that better reflects the actual situation of part of the target audience. “We hope that this information will support entrepreneurs in the UFSCar academic community and elsewhere, and that it will help them move new business initiatives from paper to reality,” she says. Download the complete manual at